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Cardiff Meltdown is a blog dedicated to the ongoings in Cardiff. We aim to create a large community of like-minded people who support their city & local businesses/artists in their area.

Cardiff Meltdown’s aim is to create a community that supports each other. We blog about anything Cardiff related, mainly business, drinking & news. So if you haven’t already please like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter, (we use Twitter more) and also say HI once you’ve joined.

What We Do

We write about Cardiff Life. If your interested in a guest post, just message me and I’ll see what we can do. I’m pretty random with my writing style and write about anything in my daily life, but it will always be related to Cardiff in one way or another. If you have any news or opinions please contact me on twitter, or directly on: tom (at) cardiffmeltdown.com. I love hearing from people and if you’d like to guest post, email me a subject and I’ll get back to you ASAP.

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Tom Buckland.Tom Buckland

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