A Beautiful Local Shoe Store

Ogam IgamI wanted to write a post about our experience in Penarth’s Ogam Igam this week. This isn’t something I usually do as well its not a situation I find myself in. I wanted to just take a second to give them a shout out for the following reasons.

1.) Their Staff & Customers Service

Shoe shopping is a b*tch, especially if you are impatient like I am. So going here was a very annoying task but the staff were so happy and nice to us that it just made the whole process painless and easy to complete.

2.) Pricing

The prices were really competitive. When you go into these niche shoe stores, especially the local niche ones you are always expecting to see huge prices. That’s the only way these stores survive in most cases. But this was not the case. I brought 2 pairs of high quality shoes with a bunch of guarantees and it came to £60. This was for a friend of mine of course but very easy to do and great pricing to boot!

3.) Great Reviews

The only reasons I went there in the first place was the great reviews or their boys school shoes, these were something I needed back in the day!! But anyway went with a friend as I tend not to need school shoes anymore haha! But the reviews for this company are all positive and pretty much talk about the exact thing we have mentioned here today.

Great store, just wanted to do a quick post to shout them out.

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