Featured Business of the week – Scaffolding Hire

ScaffoldingIt’s not often we get businesses that aren’t bars, restaurants or construction niches on the site. This is mainly because I suppose the majority of people opening businesses that get media and PR attention are in one of those niches. The issue is what happens when someone does a great job in another business type but no one ever uses them and instead turns to large brands and doesn’t support local businesses?

Today I’m highlighting a business that is exactly this. It is a scaffolding hire company in central Cardiff that supplies scaffolding and other structural access services to residential and commercial companies. These guys do a great job but have been struggling with a number of branded companies coming in and stealing business with larger names, marketing budgets and just a general better brand.

The issue is the service provided itself is poor. They do not actually have the resources. Whereas local companies have not only the resources but also the connections as well. Meaning your job will get done a lot faster and when the final cost arrives will also likely be the cheapest option too!

If you’re interested and in need of something like this then get in touch with 4 access and they will be able to help you out at a reasonable price without the need for technical experience.

Thanks for reading.

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